Monday, June 4, 2012

Bombay Fever...

This post is an inspiration of my Indian neighbor, i have to admit that every time i pass their house i cant avoid noticing their lovely and colorful clothes and their turbans... its amazing that they really cherish their culture... can i also tell the distinct aroma as i pass by their house?

The Turban as a symbol of dedication, consecration and essential for anointment. The anointing of men with missionary zeal and prophetic missions required some ceremonial activities like pouring oil and fixing some mark on the turban, which was actually the crown of the priests. In a more refined form these ceremonies have symbolically survived in the Punjab till today.

Tube by La Senza

Dhoti Pants

Bangles and rings from ColoRatti
Shoes from Zara

Necklace from ColoRatti

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